Kefa II 3

1 Chaverim, this now is the second iggeret I am writing to you; in these iggrot my tachlis is to arouse your sincere levavot by way of tizkoret (reminder):
2 Remember the divrei torah having been previously spoken by the Nevi’im HaKedoshim and the mitzvot of [Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach] Adoneinu and Moshieinu spoken by your Shluchim.
3 Knowing this first, that during the acharit hayamim there will come letzim (mockers, scorners) mocking, going after their own ta’avot (lusts),
4 And saying, "Where is the havtachah (promise) of the Bias HaMoshiach? From the time Avoteinu fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of HaBri’ah (Creation)."
5 For this is hidden from them (but they want it that way): that the Shomayim existed from long ago and ha’Aretz out of mayim and through mayim BIDVAR Hashem NA’ASU ("By the word of the L-rd were made" TEHILLIM 33:6).
6 Through this very mayim, the tevel (world) of that time perished in the mabbul (flood).
7 But the present Shomayim v’ha’Aretz are being reserved by the same Dvar Hashem, being kept for Eish (Fire) for Yom HaDin and for the destruction of anshei resha (men of wickedness).
8 Chaverim, let not this one thing escape your notice, that "A thousand years in the eyes of Hashem is like one day" TEHILLIM 90:4) and one day like a thousand years.
9 But Hashem is not slow concerning his havtachah (promise), as some consider slowness, but is demonstrating zitzfleisch (patience 3:15) toward you, not wanting any to perish but all to come to teshuva (repentance).
10 But the Yom Hashem will come as a ganav (thief), in which the Shomayim with great suddenness will pass away and the elements, burning up, will be destroyed, and the Olam Hazeh and its ma’asim will be found out [BAMIDBAR 32:23].
11 Als (Since) all these things will thus be destroyed, what kinds of persons ought you to be in hitnahagut (conduct) that is characterized by kedushah and chasidus,
12 Awaiting and hastening the Bias HaMoshiach of the Yom Hashem, because of which the Shomayim will be turned into Eish (Fire) and destroyed, and the elements set ablaze and melted.
13 But SHOMAYIM CHADASHIM VA’ARETZ CHADASHA [YESHAYAH 65:17 cf. 66:22] according to the havtachah (promise) of Hashem we await, in which Tzidkanut (Righteousness) dwells.
14 Chaverim, als you await these things, be eager to be found in shalom by him TAMIM U’MUM ("unblemished and unspotted" SHEMOT 12:5; VAYIKRA 22:20; YESHAYAH 53:7,9).
15 And regard the zitzfleisch (patience) of Adoneinu as Yeshu’at Eloheynu. So also our Chaver and Ach b’Moshiach Sha’ul, according to the chochmah (wisdom) having been given to him, wrote to you.
16 As also in all his iggrot speaking in them concerning these things, in which are some things lomdish (intricate and complicated to understand), which those unstable and without da’as, twist, as also the other Kitvei Hakodesh, to their own churban (destuction).
17 Chaverim, you therefore, knowing beforehand, be shomer over yourselves lest with the toyus (error) of the mufkarim (lawless ones) having been led away, you fall from your own stability.
18 But grow in the Chen v’Chesed and Da’as of Adoneinu and Moshieinu, Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua. Lo HaKavod Gam HaYom V’Gam L’Yom HaOlam. Omein. (To him be glory both now and to the day of eternity. Omein.)
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