Yehudim in Moshiach 3

1 For this reason, Achai Hakedoshim b’Moshiach, Chaverim and Chavrusa partners in a Kri’at Marom (High [Himel] Calling), consider carefully the Shliach and Kohen Gadol of the Hachrazah (Proclamation) of our Emunah (Faith, our Orthodox Jewish Ani Ma’amin Body of Emunah, Yd 1:3), Yehoshua, Yeshua.
2 He being ne’eman (faithful) to the One having given him s’michah as also Moshe Rabbeinu was ne’eman (faithful) in kol Beis Hashem.
3 Yet Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach is considered worthy of more kavod than Moshe Rabbeinu, because more kavod has the Boneh (Builder) of the Beis than the Beis itself.
4 For every Beis is built by someone, but the One having built everything is Hashem.
5 Now Moshe Rabbeinu was ne’eman in kol Beis Hashem as an eved, for a solemn edut of the things which were to be spoken afterward [i.e., Moshiach’s torah coming later].
6 But Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach was ne’eman as HaBen over the Beis Hashem, whose Beis we are, if indeed the bitachon and the tikvah in which we glory we keep hold of to HaKetz.
7 Therefore, just as the Ruach Hakodesh says, "HAYOM IM BEKOLO TISHMAU ("Today, if you hear His voice" TEHILLIM 95:7f);
8 AL TAKSHU LEVAVCHEM KIMRIVAH K’YOM MASSAH BAMIDBAR ("Do not harden your heart as you did at Meribah, as you did that day at Massah in the desert")
9 ASHER NISSUNI AVOTECHEM BEKHANUNI GAM RA’U PO’OLI ARBA’IM SHANAH ("Where your Fathers tested me and tried me though they saw my deeds forty years")
10 Therefore "AKUT BEDOR VAOMAR AM TO’EY LEVAV HEM V’HEM LO YAD’U DERAKHAI" ("I was angry with that generation and I said they are a strayingof-heart people and they have not had da’as of my ways");
11 ASHER NISHBA’ETI V’APEY IM YEVO’UN EL MENUKHATI ("Therefore I declared on oath in my anger, Never shall they enter into my Rest, Home, Abode, Place of Tranquility.") [BERESHIS 49:15; TEHILLIM 23; YESHAYAH 28:12; 66:1; RUTH 1:9; MELACHIM ALEF 8:56]
12 Beware, Achim b’Moshiach, lest there will be in any one of you a lev rah (evil heart) without Emunah, that turns away shmad from Elohim Chayyim.
13 Instead, give one another chozek (strength) each and every day, as long as it is still called "HAYOM," ("today, " TEHILLIM 95:7) lest some of you may fall into KESHI (stubbornness, hardness DEVARM 9:27) and be stubbornly hardened by the nechalim (deceitfulness) of Chet.
14 We have become chavrusa partners of Moshiach if only our bitachon (confidence) we had initially we hold firm until HaKetz;
15 As it is said, "HAYOM IM BEKOLO TISHMAU AL TAKSHU LEVAVCHEM ("Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart" TEHILLIM 95:7) as in the Meribah Mered (Rebellion) [the Ma’al shmad Defection, the Azivah Desertion, see 2Th 2:3].
16 Now who were they who heard and yet rebelled? Was it not all the ones having had litzi’at Mitzrayim (going out from Egypt) under Moshe Rabbeinu?
17 And with whom was Hashem angry ARBA’IM SHANAH? Was it not with the ones having sinned, whose "PEGARIM" ("corpses" BAMIDBAR 14:29) lay where they had "fallen BAMIDBAR ("in the desert" BAMIDBAR 14:29)?
18 And to whom did He swear that they would not enter into the menuchah (resting place) of Him? Was it not to the ones without mishma’at (obedience)?
19 And so we see that they were not able to enter because of lack of Emunah.
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