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Compare Translations for Proverbs 24:3

Commentaries For Proverbs 24

  • Chapter 24

    Verses 1-2 Envy not sinners. And let not a desire ever come into thy mind, Oh that I could shake off restraints! ( 3-6 ) . Piety and prudence in outward affairs, both go together to complete a wise man. By knowledge the soul is filled with the graces and comforts of the spirit, those precious and pleasant riches. The spirit is strengthened for the spiritual work and the spiritual warfare, by true wisdom. ( 7-9 ) . A weak man thinks wisdom is too high for him, therefore he will take no pains for it. It is bad to do evil, but worse to devise it. Even the first risings of sin in the heart are sin, and must be repented of. Those that strive to make others hateful, make themselves so. Verse 10 . Under troubles we are apt to despair of relief. But be of good ( proverbs 24:11-12 ) know that his neighbour is in danger by any unjust proceeding, he is bound to do all in his power to deliver him. And what is it to suffer immortal souls to perish, when our persuasions and ( proverbs 24:13-14 ) quickened to the study of wisdom by considering both the pleasure and the profit of it. All men relish things that are sweet to the palate; but many have no relish for the things that are sweet to the purified soul, and that make us wise unto ( proverbs 24:15-16 ) do, by stumbling at some stone in his path; but gets up, and goes on his way with more care and speed. This is rather to be understood of falls into affliction, than falls into actual sin. ( proverbs 24:17-18 ) ( proverbs 24:19-20 ) ( proverbs 24:21-22 ) The godly in the land, will be quiet in the land. There may be cause to change for the better, but have nothing to do with them that are given change. ( 23-26 ) . The wisdom God giveth, renders a man fit for his station. Every one who finds the benefit of the right answer, will be attached to him that gave it. Verse 27 . We must prefer necessaries before conveniences, and not go in debt. ( proverbs 24:28-29 ) ( 30-34 ) . See what a blessing the husbandman's calling is, and what a wilderness this earth would be without it. See what great difference there is in the management even of worldly affairs. Sloth and self-indulgence are the bane of all good. When we see fields overgrown with thorns and thistles, and the fences broken down, we see an emblem of the far more deplorable state of many souls. Every vile affection grows in men's hearts; yet they compose themselves to sleep. Let us show wisdom by doubling our diligence in every good thing.

  • CHAPTER 24

    Proverbs 24:1-34 .

    1, 2. (Compare Proverbs 23:3 Proverbs 23:17 , Psalms 37:1 ).

    2. studieth--meditateth.
    talk . . . mischief--Their expressed purposes are to do evil.

    3, 4. (Compare Proverbs 14:1 , Isaiah 54:14 ).
    house--including the family.

    4. by knowledge . . . riches--( Proverbs 8:18 , 21:20 ).

    5, 6. The general statement ( Ecclesiastes 9:16 Ecclesiastes 9:18 ) is specially illustrated (compare Proverbs 21:22 , Psalms 144:1 ).

    7. (Compare Proverbs 14:16 ).
    in the gate--(Compare Proverbs 22:22 ).

    8. So called even if he fails to do evil.

    9. Same thought varied.

    10. Literally, "If thou fail in the day of straits (adversity), strait (or, small) is thy strength," which is then truly tested.

    11, 12. Neglect of known duty is sin ( James 4:17 ).
    ready--literally, "bowing down"
    to be slain--that is, unjustly. God's retributive justice cannot be avoided by professed ignorance.

    13, 14. As delicious food whets the appetite, so should the rewards of wisdom excite us to seek it.

    14. reward--literally, "after part," the proper result (compare Proverbs 23:18 , Psalms 37:37 Psalms 37:38 ).

    15, 16. The plots of the wicked against the good, though partially, shall not be fully successful ( Psalms 37:24 ); while the wicked, falling under penal evil, find no help.

    16. seven times--often, or many ( Proverbs 6:16 Proverbs 6:31 , 9:1 ).

    17, 18. Yet let none rejoice over the fate of evildoers, lest God punish their wrong spirit by relieving the sufferer (compare Proverbs 17:5 , Job 31:29 ).

    19, 20. ( Psalms 37:1 Psalms 37:38 , 18:28 ).

    20. candle--or, "prosperity"; it shall come to an end ( Proverbs 13:9 , 20:20 ).

    21, 22. A warning against impiety and resistance to lawful rule ( Romans 13:1-7 1 Peter 2:17 ).
    meddle . . . change--(Compare Margin), literally, "mingle not yourself," avoid the society of restless persons.

    22. their calamity, &c.--either what God and the king inflict, or what changers and their company suffer; better the first.

    23. These . . . wise--literally, "are of the wise," as authors (compare "Psalms of David," Hebrew). "These" refers to the verses following, Proverbs 24:24-34 .
    to have respect--literally, "to discern faces," show partiality,

    24, 25. of which an example is justifying the wicked, to which is opposed, rebuking him, which has a blessing.

    26. kiss his lips--love and obey, do homage ( Psalms 2:12 , Solomon 8:1 ).
    right answer--literally, "plain words" (compare Proverbs 8:9 ), opposed to deceptive, or obscure.

    27. Prepare . . . in the field--Secure, by diligence, a proper support, and then build; provide necessaries, then comforts, to which a house rather pertained, in a mild climate, permitting the use of tents.

    28. Do not speak even truth needlessly against any, and never falsehood.

    29. Especially avoid retaliation ( Matthew 5:43-45 , Romans 12:17 ).

    30, 31. A striking picture of the effects of sloth.

    32-34. From the folly of the sluggard learn wisdom ( Proverbs 6:10 Proverbs 6:11 ).

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