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Compare Translations for Psalms 123:2

Commentaries For Psalms 123

  • Chapter 123

    Confidence in God under contempt.

    - Our Lord Jesus has taught us to look unto God in prayer as our Father in heaven. In every prayer a good man lifts up his soul to God; especially when in trouble. We desire mercy from him; we hope he will show us mercy, and we will continue waiting on him till it come. The eyes of a servant are to his master's directing hand, expecting that he will appoint him his work. And also to his supplying hand. Servants look to their master or their mistress for their portion of meat in due season. And to God we must look for daily bread, for grace sufficient; from him we must receive it thankfully. Where can we look for help but to our Master? And, further, to his protecting hand. If the servant is wronged and injured in his work, who should right him, but his master? And to his correcting hand. Whither should sinners turn but to him that smote them? They humble themselves under God's mighty hand. And lastly, to his rewarding hand. Hypocrites look to the world's hand, thence they have their reward; but true Christians look to God as their Master and their Rewarder. God's people find little mercy with men; but this is their comfort, that with the Lord there is mercy. Scorning and contempt have been, are, and are likely to be, the lot of God's people in this world. It is hard to bear; but the servants of God should not complain if they are treated as his beloved Son was. Let us then, when ready to faint under trials, look unto Jesus, and by faith and prayer cast ourselves upon the mercy of God.

  • PSALM 123

    Psalms 123:1-4 . An earnest and expecting prayer for divine aid in distress.

    1. (Compare Psalms 121:1 ).
    thou that dwellest--literally, "sittest as enthroned" (compare Psalms 2:4 , Psalms 113:4 Psalms 113:5 ).

    2. Deference, submission, and trust, are all expressed by the figure. In the East, servants in attending on their masters are almost wholly directed by signs, which require the closest observance of the hands of the latter. The servants of God should look (1) to His directing hand, to appoint them their work; (2) to His supplying hand ( Psalms 104:28 ), to give them their portion in due season; (3) to His protecting hand, to right them when wronged; (4) to His correcting hand ( Isaiah 9:13 , 1 Peter 5:6 ; compare Genesis 16:6 ); (5) to His rewarding hand.

    3. contempt--was that of the heathen, and, perhaps, Samaritans ( Nehemiah 1:3 , 2:19 ).

    4. of those that are at ease--self-complacently, disregarding God's law, and despising His people.

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