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Commentaries For Psalms 129

  • Chapter 129

    Thankfulness for former deliverances. (1-4) A believing prospect of the destruction of the enemies of Zion. (5-8)

    Verses 1-4 The enemies of God's people have very barbarously endeavoured to wear out the saints of the Most High. But the church has been always graciously delivered. Christ has built his church upon a rock. And the Lord has many ways of disabling wicked men from doing the mischief they design against his church. The Lord is righteous in not suffering Israel to be ruined; he has promised to preserve a people to himself.

    Verses 5-8 While God's people shall flourish as the loaded palm-tree, or the green and fruitful olive, their enemies shall wither as the grass upon the house-tops, which in eastern countries are flat, and what grows there never ripens; so it is with the designs of God's enemies. No wise man will pray the Lord to bless these mowers or reapers. And when we remember how Jesus arose and reigns; how his people have been supported, like the burning but unconsumed bush, we shall not fear.

  • PSALM 129

    Psalms 129:1-8 . The people of God, often delivered from enemies, are confident of His favor, by their overthrow in the future.

    1, 2. may Israel now say--or, "oh! let Israel say" ( Psalms 124:1 ). Israel's youth was the sojourn in Egypt ( Jeremiah 2:2 , Hosea 2:15 ).

    2. prevailed--literally, "been able," that is, to accomplish their purpose against me ( Psalms 13:4 ).

    3, 4. The ploughing is a figure of scourging, which most severe physical infliction aptly represents all kinds.

    4. the cords--that is, which fasten the plough to the ox; and cutting denotes God's arresting the persecution;

    5, 6. The ill-rooted roof grass, which withers before it grows up and procures for those gathering it no harvest blessing ( Ruth 2:4 ), sets forth the utter uselessness and the rejection of the wicked.

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