Psalm 135:4

4 For the LORD has chosen Jacob to be his own, Israel to be his treasured possession.

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For the LORD hath chosen Jacob unto himself, and Israel for his peculiar treasure.
For the LORD has chosen Jacob for himself, Israel as his own possession.
For the LORD has chosen Jacob for himself, Israel for his own special treasure.

What does Psalm 135:4 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 135:4

For the Lord hath chosen Jacob unto himself
To be his own special people, and not another's; for his own service, and for his glory; and to be an habitation for himself, and to be for ever with him. This is not to be understood personally of Jacob, though a chosen vessel of mercy; nor of his natural posterity as such, though chosen as a nation to outward favours; for not all they, only some of them, were chosen to special grace and glory, a remnant according to the election of grace: but mystical and spiritual Jacob and Israel are meant, even the whole church and people of God, whether Jews or Gentiles; these God has chosen, of his own free grace and good will, to all the blessings of grace and glory, and that from all eternity; which choice will remain firm and immutable, in time and for ever; and therefore is worthy of praise and thanksgiving, now, and to all eternity;

[and] Israel for his peculiar treasure;
by whom they are accounted as such; even as the peculiar treasure of kings, as silver, gold, jewels, and precious stones; as his inheritance, his portion, and peculiar people; see ( Exodus 19:5 ) ( Malachi 3:17 ) .

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