Psalm 65:12

12 The grasslands of the wilderness overflow; the hills are clothed with gladness.

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They drop upon the pastures of the wilderness: and the little hills rejoice on every side.
The pastures of the wilderness overflow, the hills gird themselves with joy,
The grasslands of the wilderness become a lush pasture, and the hillsides blossom with joy.

What does Psalm 65:12 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 65:12

They drop [upon] the pastures of the wilderness
As well as upon the ploughed land, and turn them into a fruitful field; which may denote the Gentile world, whither the Gospel was sent by Christ, and preached by his apostles; and whose doctrines dropped as the rain, and prospered to the thing whereunto they were sent, and made this wilderness as the garden of God;

and the little hills rejoice on every side;
or "joy girds the hills"; or "they are girded with joy" F18; or "gird themselves with joy", as the Targum; being covered on all sides with grass, herbs, and trees: these may denote the churches of Christ, and little hills of Sion, who rejoice when the interest of Christ flourishes, ( Psalms 68:14 Psalms 68:15 ) ( 14:7 ) .


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