Psalms 65:2

2 You who answer prayer, to you all people will come.

Psalms 65:2 in Other Translations

King James Version (KJV)
2 O thou that hearest prayer, unto thee shall all flesh come.
English Standard Version (ESV)
2 O you who hear prayer, to you shall all flesh come.
New Living Translation (NLT)
2 for you answer our prayers. All of us must come to you.
The Message Bible (MSG)
2 You hear the prayer in it all. We all arrive at your doorstep sooner or later, loaded with guilt,
American Standard Version (ASV)
2 O thou that hearest prayer, Unto thee shall all flesh come.
GOD'S WORD Translation (GW)
2 You are the one who hears prayers. Everyone will come to you.
Holman Christian Standard Bible (CSB)
2 All humanity will come to You, the One who hears prayer.
New International Reader's Version (NIRV)
2 All people will come to you, because you hear and answer prayer.

Psalms 65:2 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 65:2

O thou that hearest prayer
So as to answer it sooner or later, in one way or another, and always in the fittest time, and in the best way; so as to fulfil the requests and supply the wants of men, so far as may be for their good, and God's glory; which is a proof of the omnipresence, omniscience, and all sufficiency of God; who can hear the prayers of his people in all places at the same time, and knows all their persons and wants, and what is most proper for them, and can and does supply all their needs, and causes all grace to abound towards them; and it also shows his wondrous grace and condescension, to listen to the cries and regard the prayers of the poor and destitute;

unto thee shall all flesh come;
being encouraged by the above character of him. All sorts of persons may come to him; men of all nations, of every rank and degree, condition and circumstance; there is no bar unto nor bounds about the throne of grace; the way to it lies open through the Mediator; and all sensible sinners shall and do come thither, though they are but "flesh", frail and mortal, corrupt and sinful creatures, and know themselves to be so; and they that come aright come through Christ, the new and living way, in his name, and in the faith of him, and of being heard for his sake, and under the gracious influences of the spirit of grace and supplication: it may be considered as a prophecy of the calling of the Gentiles, and of their calling upon God through Christ, and of their coming to God in his house, which was to be, and is, an house of prayer to all people, ( Isaiah 56:7 ) ( Zechariah 8:21-23 ) .

Psalms 65:2 In-Context

1 Praise awaits you, our God, in Zion; to you our vows will be fulfilled.
2 You who answer prayer, to you all people will come.
3 When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions.
4 Blessed are those you choose and bring near to live in your courts! We are filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple.
5 You answer us with awesome and righteous deeds, God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas,

Cross References 1

  • 1. Psalms 86:9; Isaiah 66:23
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