Sunday School Lessons

Plan your Sunday School lessons each week with these free ideas! We have fun and engaging lessons that teach biblical principles for preschool and elementary age children. Teach your Sunday school classes with memory verses, objects lessons, and other ideas from our Sunday School lessons, courtesy of our partner

Start with Preschool Sunday School lessons, which teach young children simple traits, like how to obey God and to love others through sharing, along with crafts and games. Get more advanced with Elementary-aged Sunday School lessons and curriculum on topics like the fruit of the spirit and salvation. These free Sunday School lessons are ready for you to use beginning this Sunday.

Sunday School Lesson: God's Christmas Card

This object lesson for children uses Christmas cards to get children thinking about God's communication with us. In a sense, we're reminded, the baby Jesus was like a living Christmas card, expressing God's love for us.

Sunday School Lesson: The Transforming Power of God

A Transformer can change from a truck to a robot and back again, but a caterpillar, once it becomes a butterfly, can never be a caterpillar again. This object lesson for children focuses on God's transforming power, power that makes us into a new creation. The old has gone and all things have become new!

Sunday School Lesson: Keeping Our Lives Clean

Everyone uses soap every day. We use it to clean our hands before we eat, and our bodies when we take a bath. Without soap, we would be dirty and could get sick. This lesson will teach children that only God can wash our hearts and clean them of the sin that clogs it up. A second included lesson will teach children that our lives can never measure up to God's perfect standard, but He gave us the Bible to guide the way to Him.

Sunday School Lesson: Faith Tested

The reality that God tests His followers is among the most difficult to fathom fully in Scripture, especially the Old Testament.

Sunday School Lesson: Jehoshaphat, Help in Distress

Distress is so interwoven into the biblical story that we almost stop noticing its power. Tt is much easier to act as a God-honoring king when things are going well. It is in times of distress that a person's character is tested.

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