Openbaring 20:14

14 En de dood en de hel werden geworpen in den poel des vuurs; dit is de tweede dood.

Openbaring 20:14 Meaning and Commentary

Revelation 20:14

And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire
Death cannot be taken properly, nor hell be the place of torment, for devils and damned spirits; since that is that lake of fire, for then the sense would be, hell is cast into hell; but either by these the devil is meant, who has the power of death, and is the prince of hell, were it not that the casting of him into this lake is mentioned before in ( Revelation 20:10 ) or it denotes the destruction and abolition of death and the grave, that from henceforth they should no more have power over men, nor have any under their dominion, and in their hands; and so what has been promised will now be fully performed, ( Hosea 13:14 ) ( 1 Corinthians 15:26 ) see ( Revelation 21:4 ) or rather the wicked dead, which they shall have delivered up, and will be judged and sentenced to eternal death, ( Revelation 20:13 )

this is the second death;
or the destruction of the soul and body in hell, which will consist in an eternal separation of both from God, and in a continual sense of his wrath and displeasure. The Alexandrian copy and the Complutensian edition read, "this second death is the lake of fire"; and so the Arabic version, "and this is the second death, even the lake of fire"; and not much different is the Ethiopic version, "the second death, which is the fire of hell".

Openbaring 20:14 In-Context

12 En ik zag de doden, klein en groot, staande voor God; en de boeken werden geopend; en een ander boek werd geopend, dat des levens is; en de doden werden geoordeeld uit hetgeen in de boeken geschreven was, naar hun werken.
13 En de zee gaf de doden, die in haar waren; en de dood en de hel gaven de doden, die in hen waren; en zij werden geoordeeld, een iegelijk naar hun werken.
14 En de dood en de hel werden geworpen in den poel des vuurs; dit is de tweede dood.
15 En zo iemand niet gevonden werd geschreven in het boek des levens, die werd geworpen in den poel des vuurs.