Genesis 15

1 After these deades ye worde of God came vnto Abram in a vision saynge feare not Abram I am thy shilde and thy rewarde shalbe exceadynge greate.
2 And Abram answered: LORde Iehouah what wilt thou geue me: I goo childlesse and the cater of myne housse this Eleasar of Damasco hath a sonne.
3 And Abram sayd: se to me hast thou geven no seed: lo a lad borne in my housse shalbe myne heyre.
4 And beholde the worde of the LORde spake vnto Abram sayenge: He shall not be thyne heyre but one that shall come out of thyne awne bodye shalbe thyne heyre.
5 And he brought him out at the doores ad sayde. Loke vpp vnto heaven and tell the starres yf thou be able to nobre them. And sayde vnto him Even so shall thy seed be.
6 And Abram beleved the LORde and it was counted to him for rightwesnes.
7 And he sayde vnto hym: I am the LORde that brought the out of Vrin Chaldea to geue the this lande to possesse it.
8 And he sayde: LORde God whereby shall I knowe that I shall possesse it?
9 And he sayde vnto him: take an heyfer of .iij. yere olde and a she gotte of thre yeres olde and a thre yere olde ram a turtill doue and a yonge pigeon.
10 And he toke all these and devyded them in the myddes and layde euery pece one over agenst a nother. But the foules devyded he not.
11 And the byrdes fell on the carcases but Abra droue the awaye.
12 And when the sonne was doune there fell a slomber apon Abram. And loo feare and greate darknesse came apon hym.
13 And he sayde vnto Abram: knowe this of a suertie that thi seed shalbe a straunger in a lande that perteyneth not vnto the. And they shall make bondmen of them and entreate them evell iiij. hundred yeares.
14 But the nation whom they shall serue wyll I iudge. And after warde shall they come out wyth greate substace.
15 Neuerthelesse thou shalt goo vnto thi fathers in peace ad shalt be buried when thou art of a good age:
16 ad in the fourth generation they shall come hyther agayne for the wekednesse of the Amorites ys not yet full.
17 When the sonne was doune and it was waxed darke: beholde there was a smokynge furnesse and a fyre brand that went betwene the sayde peces.
18 And that same daye the LORde made a covenaunte with Abram saynge: vnto thy seed wyll I geue thys londe fro the ryver of Egypte even vnto the greate ryver euphrates:
19 the kenytes the kenizites the Cadmonites
20 the Hethites the Pherezites the Raphaims
21 the Amorytes the Canaanites the Gergesites and the Iebusites.

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