Psalms 103:6

6 Yahweh executes righteous acts, And justice for all who are oppressed.

Psalms 103:6 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 103:6

The Lord executeth righteousness and judgment for all that are
] Not only for the Israelites oppressed by the Egyptians, though the psalmist might have them in his view, by what follows; for whom the Lord did justice, by delivering them out of the hands of their oppressors, and by punishing Pharaoh and his people, and bringing down judgments upon them, both in Egypt and at the Red sea; but for all other oppressed ones in common, the poor, the widow, and the fatherless, who are often oppressed by the rich and mighty; the Lord judges their cause, and does them right, and frees them from their oppression; and so all good men who are oppressed by tyrannical princes and cruel persecutors, and all such whom the man of the earth, the man of sin, antichrist, oppresses, ( Psalms 10:18 ) and all those who are oppressed by the devil, buffeted by Satan, and bore down with his temptations; the Lord rebukes him in his own time, and delivers his people out of his hands; which is matter of praise and thankfulness: the psalmist, in this verse and the following, passes to the consideration of the good things God did for others, in order to keep up a warm sense of divine goodness upon his heart.

Psalms 103:6 In-Context

4 Who redeems your life from destruction; Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies;
5 Who satisfies your desire with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.
6 Yahweh executes righteous acts, And justice for all who are oppressed.
7 He made known his ways to Moses, His deeds to the children of Israel.
8 Yahweh is merciful and gracious, Slow to anger, and abundant in lovingkindness.
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