Psalm 15

1 The psalm of David. Lord, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle; either who shall rest in thine holy hill? (The song of David. Lord, who shall rest in thy Temple? who shall live on thy holy hill?)
2 He that entereth without wem; and worketh rightfulness. He that speaketh truth in his heart; (He who goeth on the way without blemish, or without fault; and doeth what is right. He who speaketh the truth from his heart;)
3 which did not guile in his tongue. Nor did evil to his neighbour; and took not reproof against his neighbours. (and did not deceive with his tongue. Yea, he who did no evil to his neighbours; nor took up any reproach, or spreadeth any rumour, against them.)
4 A wicked man is brought to nought in his sight; but he glorifieth them that dread the Lord. He that sweareth to his neighbour, and deceiveth him not; (He who regardeth the wicked as worthless; but he honoureth those who fear the Lord/those who revere the Lord. He who sweareth an oath, or who promiseth, to his neighbour, and deceiveth him not;)
5 which gave not his money to usury; and took not gifts upon the innocent. He, that doeth these things, shall not be moved [into] without end. (who did not put out his money to usury; and who took no gifts, or bribes, to be against the innocent. He, who doeth these things, shall never be moved, or shaken, from his secure place in the Lord.)