1 To the overcomer, the song of the sons of Korah. Lord, thou hast blessed thy land; thou hast turned away the captivity of Jacob. (To the overcomer, the song for the sons of Korah. Lord, thou hast blessed thy land; thou hast brought back the captives of Jacob/thou hast returned prosperity to Jacob.)
2 Thou hast forgiven the wickedness of thy people; thou hast covered all the sins of them.
3 Thou hast assuaged all thine ire; thou hast turned (thyself) away from the ire of thine indignation.
4 God, our health, convert thou us; and turn away thine ire from us. (God, our salvation, bring thou us back/God, our deliverance, turn back to us; and turn away thy anger from us.)
5 Whether thou shalt be wroth to us [into] without end; either shalt thou hold forth thine ire from generation into generation? (Shalt thou be angry with us forever? shalt thou bring forth thy anger to all generations?)
6 God, thou converted, shalt quicken us; and thy people shall be glad in thee. (God, give thou us new life; and thy people shall be glad, or shall rejoice, in thee.)
7 Lord, show thy mercy to us; and give thine health to us. (Lord, show thy love to us; and give thy help to us/and grant us thy salvation, or thy deliverance.)
8 I shall hear what the Lord God shall speak in me; for he shall speak peace to his people. And on his holy men; and on them that be turned to heart. (I shall listen to what the Lord God shall say; for he shall speak words of peace to his people. Yea, to us, and to his holy men; and to all who turn towards him with their hearts.)
9 Nevertheless his health is nigh (to) men dreading him; that glory dwell in our land. (For his salvation, or his deliverance, is near to those who fear him/is near to those who revere him; so that glory can be in our land.)
10 Mercy and truth met themselves; rightfulness and peace were kissed. (Love and faithfulness came together; righteousness and peace kissed each other.)
11 Truth came forth (out) of the earth; and rightfulness beheld from heaven. (Faithfulness sprang forth from the earth; and righteousness looked down from heaven.)
12 For the Lord shall give benignity; and our earth shall give his fruit. (For the Lord shall give prosperity; and our earth shall give its fruit.)
13 Rightfulness shall go before him; and shall set his steps in the way. (Righteousness shall go before him; and shall prepare the way for his steps.)