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1 Chronicles 1:1-7 (New International Version)

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Historical Records From Adam to Abraham

To Noah's Sons

1 Adam,1 Seth, Enosh, 2 Kenan,2 Mahalalel,3 Jared,4 3 Enoch,5 Methuselah,6 Lamech,7 Noah.8 4 The sons of Noah:a9 Shem, Ham and Japheth.10

The Japhethites

1:5-7pp -- Ge 10:2-5

5 The sonsb of Japheth: Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras. 6 The sons of Gomer: Ashkenaz, Riphathc and Togarmah. 7 The sons of Javan: Elishah, Tarshish, the Kittim and the Rodanim.
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