1 Samuel 12:1-13 NIV

Samuel's Farewell Speech

1 Samuel said to all Israel, "I have listened1 to everything you said to me and have set a king2 over you.

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2 Now you have a king as your leader.3 As for me, I am old and gray, and my sons4 are here with you. I have been your leader from my youth until this day.

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3 Here I stand. Testify against me in the presence of the LORD and his anointed.5 Whose ox have I taken? Whose donkey6 have I taken? Whom have I cheated? Whom have I oppressed? From whose hand have I accepted a bribe7 to make me shut my eyes? If I have done8 any of these, I will make it right."9

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4 "You have not cheated or oppressed us," they replied. "You have not taken anything from anyone's hand."
5 Samuel said to them, "The LORD is witness10 against you, and also his anointed is witness this day, that you have not found anything11 in my hand.12" "He is witness," they said.

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6 Then Samuel said to the people, "It is the LORD who appointed Moses and Aaron and brought13 your forefathers up out of Egypt.

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7 Now then, stand14 here, because I am going to confront15 you with evidence before the LORD as to all the righteous acts16 performed by the LORD for you and your fathers.

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8 "After Jacob17 entered Egypt, they cried18 to the LORD for help, and the LORD sent19 Moses and Aaron, who brought your forefathers out of Egypt and settled them in this place.

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9 "But they forgot20 the LORD their God; so he sold them21 into the hand of Sisera,22 the commander of the army of Hazor,23 and into the hands of the Philistines24 and the king of Moab,25 who fought against them.

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10 They cried26 out to the LORD and said, 'We have sinned; we have forsaken27 the LORD and served the Baals and the Ashtoreths.28 But now deliver us from the hands of our enemies, and we will serve you.'

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11 Then the LORD sent Jerub-Baal,a29 Barak,b30 Jephthah31 and Samuel,c32 and he delivered you from the hands of your enemies on every side, so that you lived securely.

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    • a 12:11 - Also called "Gideon"
    • b 12:11 - Some Septuagint manuscripts and Syriac; Hebrew "Bedan"
    • c 12:11 - Hebrew; some Septuagint manuscripts and Syriac "Samson"
      12 "But when you saw that Nahash33 king34 of the Ammonites was moving against you, you said to me, 'No, we want a king to rule35 over us'--even though the LORD your God was your king.

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      13 Now here is the king36 you have chosen, the one you asked37 for; see, the LORD has set a king over you.

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