2 Chronicles 3:10-17 NIV

10 In the Most Holy Place he made a pair1 of sculptured cherubim and overlaid them with gold.

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11 The total wingspan of the cherubim was twenty cubits. One wing of the first cherub was five cubitsa long and touched the temple wall, while its other wing, also five cubits long, touched the wing of the other cherub.

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    • g 3:11 - That is, about 7 1/2 feet (about 2.3 meters); also in verse 15
      12 Similarly one wing of the second cherub was five cubits long and touched the other temple wall, and its other wing, also five cubits long, touched the wing of the first cherub.
      13 The wings of these cherubim2 extended twenty cubits. They stood on their feet, facing the main hall.b

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        • h 3:13 - Or "facing inward"
          14 He made the curtain3 of blue, purple and crimson yarn and fine linen, with cherubim4 worked into it.

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          15 In the front of the temple he made two pillars,5 which [together] were thirty-five cubitsc long, each with a capital6 on top measuring five cubits.

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            • i 3:15 - That is, about 52 feet (about 16 meters)
              16 He made interwoven chainsd7 and put them on top of the pillars. He also made a hundred pomegranates8 and attached them to the chains.

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                • j 3:16 - Or possibly "made chains in the inner sanctuary"; the meaning of the Hebrew for this phrase is uncertain.
                  17 He erected the pillars in the front of the temple, one to the south and one to the north. The one to the south he named Jakine and the one to the north Boaz.f

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                    • k 3:17 - "Jakin" probably means "he establishes."
                    • l 3:17 - "Boaz" probably means "in him is strength."