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2 Samuel 18:9 NIV

9 Now Absalom happened to meet David’s men. He was riding his mule, and as the mule went under the thick branches of a large oak, Absalom’s hair got caught in the tree. He was left hanging in midair, while the mule he was riding kept on going.

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  • a 18:3 - Two Hebrew manuscripts, some Septuagint manuscripts and Vulgate; most Hebrew manuscripts "care; for now there are ten thousand like us"
  • b 18:11 - That is, about 4 ounces or about 115 grams
  • c 18:12 - That is, about 25 pounds or about 12 kilograms
  • d 18:12 - A few Hebrew manuscripts, Septuagint, Vulgate and Syriac; most Hebrew manuscripts may be translated "Absalom, whoever you may be."
  • e 18:13 - Or "Otherwise, if I had acted treacherously toward him"
  • f 18:23 - That is, the plain of the Jordan
  • g 18:33 - In Hebrew texts this verse (18:33) is numbered 19:1.