John 5:23-33 BBE

23 So that all men may give honour to the Son even as they give honour to the Father. He who gives no honour to the Son gives no honour to the Father who sent him.
24 Truly I say to you, The man whose ears are open to my word and who has faith in him who sent me, has eternal life; he will not be judged, but has come from death into life.
25 Truly I say to you, The time is coming, it has even now come, when the voice of the Son of God will come to the ears of the dead, and those hearing it will have life.
26 For even as the Father has life in himself, so he has given to the Son to have life in himself.
27 And he has given him authority to be judge because he is the Son of man.
28 Do not be surprised at this: for the time is coming when his voice will come to all who are in the place of the dead,
29 And they will come out; those who have done good, into the new life; and those who have done evil, to be judged.
30 Of myself I am unable to do anything: as the voice comes to me so I give a decision: and my decision is right because I have no desire to do what is pleasing to myself, but only what is pleasing to him who sent me.
31 If I gave witness about myself, my witness would not be true.
32 There is another who gives witness about me and I am certain that the witness he gives about me is true.
33 You sent to John and he gave true witness.