Luke 7:1-6 BBE

1 After he had come to the end of all his words in the hearing of the people, he went into Capernaum.
2 And a certain captain had a servant who was very dear to him; this servant was ill and near to death.
3 And when news of Jesus came to his ears, he sent to him rulers of the Jews, requesting that he would come and make his servant well.
4 And they, when they came to Jesus, made their request warmly, saying,
5 It is right for you to do this for him, because he is a friend to our nation, and himself has put up a Synagogue for us.
6 And Jesus went with them. And when he was not far from the house, the man sent friends to him, saying, Lord, do not give yourself trouble: for I am not important enough for you to come into my house: