Psalm 119:139-149 BBE

139 My passion has overcome me; because my haters are turned away from your words.
140 Your word is of tested value; and it is dear to your servant.
141 I am small and of no account; but I keep your orders in mind.
142 Your righteousness is an unchanging righteousness, and your law is certain.
143 Pain and trouble have overcome me: but your teachings are my delight.
144 The righteousness of your unchanging word is eternal; give me wisdom so that I may have life.
145 I have made my prayer with all my heart; give answer to me, O Lord: I will keep your rules.
146 My cry has gone up to you; take me out of trouble, and I will be guided by your unchanging word.
147 Before the sun is up, my cry for help comes to your ear; my hope is in your words.
148 In the night watches I am awake, so that I may give thought to your saying.
149 Let my voice come to you, in your mercy; O Lord, by your decisions give me life.