2 Kings 14:23-29 (GOD'S WORD Translation)

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23 Joash's son Amaziah was in his fifteenth year as king of Judah when Jehoash's son King Jeroboam of Israel began to rule in Samaria. Jeroboam ruled for 41 years. 24 He did what the LORD considered evil. He didn't turn away from any of the sins that Jeroboam (Nebat's son) led Israel to commit. 25 He restored Israel's boundaries from the border of Hamath to the Dead Sea as the LORD God of Israel predicted through his servant Jonah, the prophet from Gath Hepher and the son of Amittai. 26 The LORD did this because he saw how bitterly everyone in Israel was suffering. No slave or free person could help Israel. 27 Since the LORD had said he was not going to wipe out Israel's name completely, he saved them through Jeroboam, son of Jehoash. 28 Isn't everything else about Jeroboam--everything he did, his heroic acts when he fought, how he recovered Damascus and Hamath for Israel --written in the official records of the kings of Israel? 29 Jeroboam lay down in death with his ancestors, the kings of Israel. His son Zechariah succeeded him as king.
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