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Hebrews 10:32-39 (Wycliffe)

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32 And have ye mind on the former days, in which ye were lightened, and suffered great strife of passions [in which ye lightened sustained great strife, or fight, of passions]. 33 And in the tother ye were made a spectacle by shames and tribulations; in another ye were made fellows of men living so. [And soothly in the tother ye were made a spectacle by reproofs and tribulations; in the tother forsooth ye be made fellows of men living so.] 34 For also to bound men ye had compassion, and ye received with joy the robbing of your goods, knowing that ye have a better and a dwelling substance [and ye received with joy the raven of your goods, knowing you to have a better and dwelling substance]. 35 Therefore do not ye lose your trust, which hath great rewarding. 36 For patience is needful to you, that ye do the will of God, and bring again the promise [that ye doing the will of God, bring again the promise]. 37 For yet a little, and he that is to come shall come, and he shall not tarry. 38 For my just man liveth of faith; that if he withdraweth himself, he shall not please to my soul. 39 But we be not the sons of withdrawing away into perdition, but of faith into [the] getting of soul.
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