Romans 15:22-29 (Wycliffe)

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22 For which thing I was hindered full much to come to you, and I am hindered till this time. [For which thing I was letted full much to come to you, and I am forbidden till unto yet.] 23 And now I have not further place in these countries, but I have desire to come to you, of many years that be passed. [Forsooth now I not having further place, or cause of longer dwelling, in these countries, soothly having covetousness of coming to you, of many years now going before.] 24 When I [shall] begin to pass into Spain, I hope that in my going I shall see you [I hope that I passing forth shall see you], and of you I shall be led thither, if I use you first in part. 25 Therefore now I shall pass forth to Jerusalem, to minister to saints. 26 For Macedonia and Achaia have assayed to make some gift to poor men of saints, that be in Jerusalem. [Forsooth Macedonia and Achaia proved to make some collection, or gathering of money, into poor men of saints, that be in Jerusalem.] 27 For it pleased to them [Soothly it pleased to them], and they be debtors of them; for if heathen men be made partners of their ghostly things, they owe also in fleshly things to minister to them. 28 Therefore when I have ended this thing, and have assigned to them this fruit, I shall pass by you into Spain. 29 And I know, that I coming to you, shall come in the abundance of the blessing of Christ [shall come into the abundance, or plenty, of the blessing of Christ].
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