1 Kings 15:8-12 CEB

8 Abijam lay down with his ancestors; he was buried in David's City. His son Asa succeeded him as king.

Asa rules Judah

9 In the twentieth year of Israel's King Jeroboam, Asa became king of Judah.

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      10 He ruled in Jerusalem for forty-one years. His grandmother'sa name was Maacah; she was Abishalom's daughter.

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        • “ 15:10 - Or <i>mother</i>; also in 15:13; cf 2 Chron 13:2
          11 Asa did the right things in the LORD's eyes, just like his father David.
          12 He removed the consecrated workersb from the land, and he did away with all the worthless idols that his predecessors had made.

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            • ” 15:12 - Traditionally <i>cultic prostitutes</i>