1 Kings 7:1-12 CEB

Solomon builds palaces

1 Now as for Solomon's palace, it took thirteen years for him to complete its construction.

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      2 He built the Forest of Lebanon Palace one hundred fifty feet in length, seventy-five feet in width, and forty-five feet in height. It had four rows of cedar columns with cedar engravings above the columns.
      3 The palace's cedar roof stood above forty-five beams resting on the columns, fifteen beams to each row.
      4 Three sets of window frames faced each other.
      5 All the doorframes were rectangular, facing each other in three sets.
      6 He made a porch with columns seventy-five feet long and forty-five feet wide. Another porch was in front of these with roofed columns in front of them.a

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        • q 7:6 - Heb uncertain
          7 He made the throne room the Hall of Justice, where he would judge. It was covered with cedar from the lower to the upper levels.
          8 The royal residence where Solomon lived was behind this hall. It had a similar design. Solomon also made a similar palace for his wife, Pharaoh's daughter.
          9 He built all these with the best stones cut to size, sawed with saws, back and front, from the foundation to the highest points and from the outer boundary to the great courtyard.
          10 The foundation was laid with large stones of high quality, some of fifteen feet and some of twelve feet.
          11 Above them were high-quality stones cut to measure, as well as cedar.
          12 The surrounding great courtyard had three rows of cut stones and a row of trimmed cedar just like the inner courtyard of the LORD's temple and its porch.