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1 Samuel 10:18 CEB

18 Then he told the Israelites: "This is what the LORD God of Israel says: I brought Israel up out of Egypt, and I delivered you from the Egyptians' power and from the power of all the kingdoms that oppressed you.

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  • a 10:1 - LXX; MT lacks <i>of his people Israel.… And this will be the sign for you that.</i>
  • b 10:4 - LXX; DSS (4QSama) <i>uplifted bread </i>(see Num 18:11) <i>; </i>MT <i>two of bread</i>.
  • c 10:12 - Or <i>father</i>
  • d 10:13 - Correction; MT <i>Saul entered the shrine.</i>
  • e 10:21 - LXX; MT lacks <i>Samuel then brought the family of Matri forward, person by person.</i>
  • f 10:25 - Or <i>the lawful practices of the monarchy</i>
  • g 10:27 - This paragraph is found in DSS (4QSama) and is also attested in Josephus (<i>Ant.</i> 6.5.1 [68-71]), but is missing in MT.