Acts 21:1-6 CEB

Paul travels to Jerusalem

1 After we tore ourselves away from them, we set sail on a straight course to Cos, reaching Rhodes the next day, and then Patara.

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      2 We found a ship crossing over to Phoenicia, boarded, and put out to sea.
      3 We spotted Cyprus, but passed by it on our left. We sailed on to the province of Syria and landed in Tyre, where the ship was to unload its cargo.
      4 We found the disciples there and stayed with them for a week. Compelled by the Spirit, they kept telling Paul not to go to Jerusalem.
      5 When our time had come to an end, we departed. All of them, including women and children, accompanied us out of town where we knelt on the beach and prayed.
      6 We said good-bye to each other, then we boarded the ship and they returned to their homes.