Exodus 30:1-10 CEB

Instructions for the incense altar

1 Make an acacia-wood altar for burning incense.

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      2 The altar should be square, eighteen inches long and eighteen inches wide. It should be three feet high. Its horns should be permanently attached.
      3 Cover the altar with pure gold, including its top, all its sides, and its horns. You should also make a gold molding all around it.
      4 Make two gold rings and attach them under the molding on two opposite sides of the altar. They will house the poles used to carry the altar.
      5 Make acacia-wood poles and cover them with gold.
      6 Place the incense altar in front of the veil that hangs before the chest containing the covenant, in front of the cover that is on top of the covenant document where I will meet with you.
      7 Aaron will burn sweet-smelling incense on the incense altar every morning when he takes care of the lamps.
      8 And again when Aaron lights the lamps at twilight, he will burn incense. It should be a regular incense offering in the LORD's presence in every generation.
      9 Don't offer the wrong incense on the altar or an entirely burned offering or a grain offering. Don't pour a drink offering on it.
      10 Once a year Aaron should perform a ritual of reconciliation on its horns with the blood of the purification offering for reconciliation. Once a year in every generation he should perform a ritual of reconciliation at the altar. It is most holy to the LORD.