Isaiah 43:22-28 CEB

22 But you didn't call out to me, Jacob; you were tired of me, Israel.
23 You didn't bring me lambs for your entirely burned offering; you didn't honor me with your sacrifices. I didn't make you worship with offerings; I didn't weary you with frankincense.
24 You didn't buy spices for me with your money, or satisfy me with the fat of your sacrifices. Instead, you have burdened me with your sins and wearied me with your evil actions.
25 I, I am the one who wipes out your rebellious behavior for my sake. I won't remember your sin.
26 Summon me, and let's go to trial together; you tell your story so that you may be vindicated!
27 Your first ancestor sinned, and your officials rebelled against me.
28 So I made the holy officials impure, handed over Jacob to destruction and Israel to abuse.