Jeremiah 5:20-31 CEB

Shouldn’t you fear me?

20 Declare this to the people of Jacob, announce it in Judah:

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      21 Listen, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but don't see and ears but don't hear.
      22 Shouldn't you fear me, declares the LORD, and tremble before me, the one who set the shoreline for the sea, an ancient boundary that it can't pass? Though its waves may rise and roar, they can't pass the limits I have set.
      23 And yet the people have stubborn and rebellious hearts; they turn and go their own way.
      24 They don't say in their hearts, Let's fear the LORD our God, who provides rain in autumn and spring and who assures us of a harvest in its season.
      25 Your wrongdoing has turned these blessingsa away. Your sin has robbed you of good.

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        • s 5:25 - Heb lacks <i>blessings.</i>
          26 Criminals are found among my people; they set traps to catch people, like hunters lying in wait.b

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            • t 5:26 - Heb uncertain
              27 Like a cage full of birds, so their houses are full of loot. No wonder they are rich and powerful
              28 and have grown fat and sleek! To be sure, their evil deeds exceed all limits, and yet they prosper. They are indifferent to the plight of the orphan, reluctant to defend the rights of the poor.
              29 Shouldn't I punish such acts? declares the LORD. Shouldn't I repay that nation for its deeds?
              30 An awful, a terrible thing has happened in the land:
              31 The prophets prophesy falsely, the priests rule at their sides,c and my people love it this way! But what will you do when the end comes?

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                • u 5:31 - Or <i>by their hands</i>