Elihu’s appeal to be heard

1 But now, listen to me, Job; pay attention to all my words.
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      2 Notice that I am opening my mouth; my tongue is speaking in my mouth.
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        • a 33:2 - Or <i>palate</i>
          3 My words come from a virtuous heart; my lips speak knowledge clearly.
          4 God's spirit made me; the Almighty's breath enlivens me.
          5 If you are able, answer me; lay out your case before me and take a stand.
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            • b 33:5 - Heb lacks <i>your case.</i>
              6 Notice that I'm just like you to God; I also was pinched from clay.
              7 Surely fear of me shouldn't scare you; my pressure on you shouldn't be heavy.

              The argument

              8 You certainly said in my hearing; I heard the sound of your words:
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                  9 "I'm pure, without sin; I'm innocent, without offense.
                  10 Notice that he invents arguments against me; he considers me his enemy,
                  11 ties up my feet, watches all my paths."
                  12 Now you're wrong about this; I'll answer you, for God is greater than anybody.
                  13 Why do you contend with him, saying that he doesn't answer all your words?
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                    • c 33:13 - Or <i>his words</i>
                      14 God speaks in one way, in two ways, but no one perceives it.
                      15 In the dream, a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon humans, during their slumber on a bed,
                      16 then he opens people's ears, scares them with warnings,
                      17 to turn them from a deed and to smother human pride.
                      18 He keeps one from the pit, a life from perishing by the sword.
                      19 Or a person may be disciplined by pain while in bed, bones ever aching
                      20 until a person loathes food, an appetite rejects a delicacy;
                      21 the flesh wastes away, no longer visible; the bones, once hidden, protrude.
                      22 A life approaches the pit; its very being draws near the death dealers.
                      23 Surely there's a messenger for this person, a mediator, one out of a thousand to declare one's integrity to another
                      24 so that God has compassion on that person and says, "Rescue this one from going down to the pit; I have found a ransom."
                      25 That person's flesh is renewed like a child's; they regain their youth.
                      26 They pray to God, and God is pleased with them; they behold God's presence with a joyful shout. God rewards a person's righteousness.
                      27 They sing before people and say: "I have sinned, perverted justice, but didn't experience the consequences.
                      28 He ransomed me from crossing into the pit; my life beholds light."
                      29 Look, God does all this, twice, three times with persons
                      30 to bring them back from the pit, to shine with life's light.
                      31 Listen, Job; hear me; be quiet, and I will speak.
                      32 If you have words, answer me; speak, for I want to be innocent.
                      33 If not, you must hear me; be quiet, and I will teach you wisdom.