John 9:8-17 CEB

Disagreement about the healing

8 The man's neighbors and those who used to see him when he was a beggar said, "Isn't this the man who used to sit and beg?"

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      9 Some said, "It is," and others said, "No, it's someone who looks like him." But the man said, "Yes, it's me!"
      10 So they asked him, "How are you now able to see?"
      11 He answered, "The man they call Jesus made mud, smeared it on my eyes, and said, ‘Go to the Pool of Siloam and wash.' So I went and washed, and then I could see."
      12 They asked, "Where is this man?" He replied, "I don't know."
      13 Then they led the man who had been born blind to the Pharisees.
      14 Now Jesus made the mud and smeared it on the man's eyes on a Sabbath day.
      15 So Pharisees also asked him how he was able to see. The man told them, "He put mud on my eyes, I washed, and now I see."
      16 Some Pharisees said, "This man isn't from God, because he breaks the Sabbath law." Others said, "How can a sinner do miraculous signs like these?" So they were divided.
      17 Some of the Pharisees questioned the man who had been born blind again: "What do you have to say about him, since he healed your eyes?" He replied, "He's a prophet."