Obadiah 1:5-9 CEB

Edom is robbed

5 If thieves approach you, if robbers by night—how you've been devastated!— wouldn't they steal only what they wanted? If those who gather grapes came to you, wouldn't they leave some grapes?

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      6 How Esau has been looted, his treasures taken away!
      7 All those who were your allies have driven you to the border. Those who were on your side tricked you and triumphed over you. They are setting your own bread as a trap under you,a but you don't see it coming.

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        • a 1:7 - Heb uncertain
          8 Won't I on that day, says the LORD, destroy the wise from Edom and understanding from Mount Esau?
          9 Your warriors will be shattered, Teman, and everyone from Mount Esau will be eliminated.