Psalm 119:153-160 CEB


153 Look at my suffering and deliver me because I haven't forgotten your Instruction.

References for Psalms 119:153

      154 Argue my case and redeem me. Make me live again by your word.
      155 Salvation is far from the wicked because they haven't pursued your statutes.
      156 You have so much compassion, LORD— make me live again, according to your rules.
      157 My oppressors and enemies are many, but I haven't turned away from your laws.
      158 I look on the faithless, and I am disgusted because they haven't kept your word.
      159 Look at how much I love your precepts. Make me live again, LORD, according to your faithful love!
      160 The first thing to know about your word is that it is true and that all your righteous rules last forever.