Psalm 139:7-17 CEB

7 Where could I go to get away from your spirit? Where could I go to escape your presence?
8 If I went up to heaven, you would be there. If I went down to the grave,a you would be there too!

References for Psalms 139:8

    • ij 139:8 - Heb <i>Sheol</i>
      9 If I could fly on the wings of dawn, stopping to rest only on the far side of the ocean—
      10 even there your hand would guide me; even there your strong hand would hold me tight!
      11 If I said, "The darkness will definitely hide me; the light will become night around me,"
      12 even then the darkness isn't too dark for you! Nighttime would shine bright as day, because darkness is the same as light to you!
      13 You are the one who created my innermost parts; you knit me together while I was still in my mother's womb.
      14 I give thanks to you that I was marvelously set apart. Your works are wonderful—I know that very well.
      15 My bones weren't hidden from you when I was being put together in a secret place, when I was being woven together in the deep parts of the earth.
      16 Your eyes saw my embryo, and on your scroll every day was written that was being formed for me,b before any one of them had yet happened.c

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        • Ĵ 139:16 - Correction; Heb lacks <i>for me</i>.
        • ĵ 139:16 - Heb uncertain
          17 God, your plans are incomprehensible to me! Their total number is countless!