1 Kings 6:1-6 CEBA

Solomon builds the temple

1 In the four hundred eightieth year after the Israelites left Egypt, in the month of Ziv, the second month,a in the fourth year of Solomon's rule over Israel, he built the LORD's temple.

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    • h 6:1 - April–May, Iyar; Ziv is a month from a Canaanite calendar.
      2 The temple that King Solomon built for the LORD was ninety feet long, thirty feet wide, and forty-five feet high.
      3 The porch in front of the temple's main hall was thirty feet long. It ran across the whole width of the temple and extended fifteen feet in front of the temple.
      4 He made recessed and latticed windowsb for the temple

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        • i 6:4 - Heb architectural and decorative terminology in 6:4–6 and elsewhere in chaps 6–7 is often uncertain.
          5 and built side rooms against the temple walls around both the main hall and the most holy place.
          6 The lower walls were seven and a half feet wide. At the second floor the walls were nine feet wide, and at the third floor they were ten and a half feet wide. He made niches around the outside of the temple so the beams wouldn't be inserted into the temple walls.c

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            • j 6:6 - Heb uncertain; Heb lacks <i>the beams.</i>