3 Maccabees 6:1-15 CEBA

Prayer of Eleazar

1 Now a certain Eleazar was a distinguished person among the priests from the country. He had attained an advanced age, and throughout his life he had displayed every virtue. He restrained the elders around him from calling on the holy God, while he prayed as follows:

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      2 Dear King, mighty in power, almighty God Most High, you govern the whole creation with mercy.
      3 Look upon the descendants of Abraham, upon the children of sacred Jacob, father, a people set apart as your inheritance, who are strangers perishing in a strange land.
      4 Pharaoh, the former ruler of this land of Egypt, with his multitude of chariots, showed great presumption with his arrogant actions and proud boasts. But you destroyed him along with his arrogant army. You drowned them in the sea and showed forth the light of your mercy to your people Israel.
      5 Sennacherib, the cruel king of the Assyrians, prided himself in his innumerable forces and had already subdued the entire earth by the spear. He rose up against your holy city, speaking fierce words with arrogant boasting, and you, Lord, shattered him, displaying your power openly to many nations.
      6 Daniel's three friends in Babylon voluntarily gave their lives to the fire in order not to serve worthless things. You rescued them, sprinkling the fiery furnace with dew, such that not a hair on their heads was harmed, while you sent the flames forth upon all their enemies.
      7 Because Daniel was envied and slandered, he was thrown down into the earth to lions as food for the beasts. But you led him back up into the light unhurt.
      8 And you, Father, looked upon Jonah, when he was wasting away in the belly of a sea monster from the depths, and you restored him unharmed to all his family.
      9 So you who hate arrogance, most merciful defender of all things, reveal yourself quickly to those of the people of Israel who are being spitefully mistreated by vile and lawless Gentiles.
      10 If we've gotten tangled up in sins during our exile, rescue us from the hand of our enemies, Lord, and destroy us by whatever fate you choose.
      11 Don't let these empty-headed people praise their empty gods for the destruction of your dearly loved people, saying, "Not even their God rescued them!"
      12 But you, who have all might and all power, eternal one, look upon us now. Have mercy on us who, by the senseless arrogance of lawless people, are being deprived of life as if we were traitors.
      13 Let the Gentiles tremble in fear today at your matchless power, honored one, you who possess the power to rescue the people of Jacob.
      14 The entire multitude of infants and their parents is begging you with tears.
      15 Let it be shown to all the Gentiles that you are with us, Lord, and you haven't turned your face away from us. But just as you have said, "Not even when they were in the land of their enemies did I neglect them,"a so bring it to pass, Lord.

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        • j 6:15 - Lev 26:44