Ecclesiastes 6:1-6 CEBA

Controlled appetite

1 I saw a tragedy under the sun, and it weighs heavily upon humanity.

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      2 God may give some people plenty of wealth, riches, and glory so that they lack nothing they desire. But God doesn't enable them to enjoy it; instead, a stranger enjoys it. This is pointless and a sickening tragedy.
      3 Some people may have one hundred children and live a long life. But no matter how long they live, if they aren't content with life's good things, I say that even a stillborn child with no grave is better off than they are.

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        • a 6:3 - Correction; Heb puts the lack of burial site with those who do not enjoy life's good things.
          4 Because that child arrives pointlessly, then passes away in darkness. Darkness covers its name.
          5 It hasn't seen the sun or experienced anything. But it has more peace than those
          6 who live a thousand years twice over but don't enjoy life's good things. Isn't everyone heading to the same destination?