Isaiah 10:27-34 CEBA

The exalted laid low

27 On that day, God will remove the burden from your shoulder and destroy the yoke on your neck.a He has gone up from Samaria,

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    • „ 10:27 - Or <i>and his yoke from your neck, and a yoke will be destroyed because of fatness</i>
      28 come against Aiath, passed to Migron. At Michmash he stored his equipment.
      29 They crossed at the pass: "We'll camp at Geba!" Ramah trembles; Gibeah of Saul has fled.
      30 Cry aloud, Daughter Gallim! Listen, Laishah! Answer her, Anathoth!
      31 Madmenah has flown. Gebim's inhabitants sought refuge.
      32 This very day he will stand at Nob and shake his fistb at Daughter Zion's mountain, the hill of Jerusalem!

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        • … 10:32 - Or <i>wave his hand</i>
          33 Look! The LORD God of heavenly forces is chopping off the branches with terrible power. The loftiest ones are about to be cut down and the exalted laid low.
          34 He will strike down the forest thickets with an ax, and mighty Lebanon will fall.