Isaiah 52:8-15 CEBA

8 Listen! Your lookouts lift their voice; they sing out together! Right before their eyes they see the LORD returning to Zion.
9 Break into song together, you ruins of Jerusalem! The LORD has comforted his people and has redeemed Jerusalem.
10 The LORD has bared his holy arm in view of all the nations; all the ends of the earth have seen our God's victory.
11 Depart! Depart! Go out from there! Unclean! Don't touch! Get out of that place; purify yourselves, carriers of the LORD's equipment!
12 You won't go out in a rush, nor will you run away, because the one going before you is the LORD; your rear guard is the God of Israel.

Suffering servant

13 Look, my servant will succeed. He will be exalted and lifted very high.

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      14 Just as many were appalled by you, he too appeared disfigured, inhuman, his appearance unlike that of mortals.
      15 But he will astonisha many nations. Kings will be silenced because of him, because they will see what they haven't seen before; what they haven't heard before, they will ponder.

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        • ù 52:15 - Or <i>sprinkle</i>