Bildad defends God

1 Bildad from Shuah responded:

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      2 How long will you mouth such things such that your utterances become a strong wind?
      3 Does God pervert justice, or does the Almighty distort what is right?
      4 If your children sinned against him, then he delivered them into the power of their rebellion.
      5 If you will search eagerly for God, plead with the Almighty.
      6 If you are pure and do the right thing, then surely he will become active on your behalf and reward your innocent dwelling.
      7 Although your former state was ordinary, your future will be extraordinary.


      8 Ask a previous generation and verify the findings of your ancestors,

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          9 for we are only recently here and don't know because our days on earth are a shadow.
          10 Won't they instruct you and tell you; will words not proceed from their hearts?

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            • a 8:10 - Heb lacks <i>not.</i>

              Examples from nature

              11 Does papyrus grow apart from a marsh? Does a reed flourish without water?

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                  12 While still tender, uncut, it will wither before every other grass.
                  13 So are the paths of all who forget God. Hope perishes for the godless,
                  14 whose confidence is a fragile thing, their trust, a spider's web.

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                    • b 8:14 - Heb uncertain
                      15 He leans on its web, and it doesn't stand; grasps it, and it can't remain in place.
                      16 It's like a well-watered plant in the sun; its runners spread over its gardens.
                      17 Its roots are entwined over a pile of rocks, for it sees a home among stones.
                      18 If it's uprooted from its place, it lies, saying, "I can't see you."
                      19 Surely its way is a joy, for from the dust other plants sprout.

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                        • c 8:19 - Heb lacks <i>plants</i>.

                          God’s faithfulness

                          20 Surely God won't reject integrity, won't strengthen the hand of the wicked.

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                              21 He will still fill your mouth with joy, your lips with a victorious shout.
                              22 Those who hate you will be clothed with shame, and the tent of the wicked will vanish.