Job 31:16-23 CEBA

The defenseless

16 If I have denied what the poor wanted, made a widow's eyes tired,

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      17 eaten my morsel alone, and not shared any with an orphan
      18 (for from my youth I raised the orphan as a father, and from my mother's womb I led the widow);a

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        • ¹ 31:18 - Heb lacks <i>orphan . . . widow.</i>
          19 if I ever saw someone dying without clothes, the needy naked;
          20 if they haven't blessed me fervently,b or if they weren't warmed by the wool from my sheep;

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            • º 31:20 - Or <i>his loins</i>
              21 if I have lifted my hand against the orphans, when I saw that I had help in the city gate—
              22 may my arm fall from my shoulder, my forearm be broken at the elbow—
              23 for God's calamity is terror to me; I couldn't endure his splendor.