Judith 12:10-20 CEBA

Holofernes throws a banquet

10 On the fourth day Holofernes hosted a party for his closest attendants and didn't send an invitation to anyone besides them.

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      11 He said to Bagoas the eunuch, who looked after his property, "Go and persuade the Hebrew woman who is in your care to come join us and eat and drink with us.
      12 It would be a shame for us to let such a woman go without having sex with her. If we don't reel her in, she'll laugh at us."
      13 So Bagoas left Holofernes and went to her and said, "Don't let this pretty female servant delay in coming to my master, to be honored in his presence, to enjoy drinking wine with us, and to become today like one of the Assyrian women who are present in Nebuchadnezzar's house."
      14 Then Judith said to him, "Who am I to argue with my master? Whatever pleases him I will do quickly, and it will be my joy until the day I die."
      15 She arose and dressed in all of her woman's adornments. Her servant went out with the sheepskins that Bagoas had given to her for daily use while reclining and eating, and spread these out on the floor in front of Holofernes.
      16 When Judith entered the tent and lay down, Holofernes' heart was struck by her, he was shaken to the core, and he was very eager to have sex with her. He had been looking for an opportunity to seduce her since the day when he first saw her.
      17 So Holofernes said to her, "Please, join us for a drink and enjoy yourself with us."
      18 Judith said, "I will certainly drink, my master, because today is the best day of my life since the day I was born."
      19 Then she ate and drank before him the food prepared by her servant.
      20 Holofernes was very pleased with her, and he drank a large amount of wine, more than he had ever drunk in any single day since the day he was born.