Proverbs 18:5-15 CEBA

5 Favoring the wicked isn't good; it denies justice to the righteous.
6 The lips of fools make accusations; their mouths elicit beatings.
7 The mouth of fools is their ruin; their lips are a trap for their lives.
8 The words of gossips are like choice snacks; they go down to the inmost parts.
9 Those who are lazy in their work are brothers to thugs.
10 The LORD's name is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and find refuge.
11 The riches of the wealthy are a strong city and like a high wall in their imagination.
12 Pride comes before a disaster, but humility comes before respect.
13 Those who answer before they listen are foolish and disgraceful.
14 The human spirit sustains a sick person, but who can bear a broken spirit?
15 An understanding mind gains knowledge; the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.