Proverbs 22:17-29 CEBA

Thirty sayings of the wise

17 Turn your ear and hear the words of the wise; focus your mind on my knowledge.

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      18 It will be pleasant if you keep the words in you, if you have them ready on your lips.
      19 So that your trust will be in the LORD, I'm teaching you today—yes, you.
      20 Haven't I written for you thirtya sayings full of advice and knowledge?

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        • | 22:20 - Heb uncertain
          21 Their purpose is to teach you true, reliable words, so you can report back reliably to those who sent you.
          22 Don't steal from the poor, because they are poor. Don't oppress the needy in the gate.
          23 The LORD will take up their case and press the life out of those who oppress them.b

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            • } 22:23 - Heb uncertain
              24 Don't befriend people controlled by anger; don't associate with hot-tempered people;
              25 otherwise, you will learn their ways and become trapped.
              26 Don't shake hands to guarantee a loan.
              27 If you can't repay, why should they be able to take your bed from you?
              28 Don't remove an ancient boundary marker that your ancestors established.
              29 Do you see people who work skillfully? They will work for kings but not work for lowly people.