Song of Songs 1:2-6 CEBA

2 Mutual admiration[Woman]aIf only he would give me some of his kisses . . . Oh, your loving is sweeter than wine!

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    • a 1:2 - Identification of speakers here and throughout the Song is hypothetical and in several cases uncertain.
      3 Your fragrance is sweet; your very name is perfume. That's why the young women love you.
      4 Take me along with you; let's run! My king has brought me into his chambers, saying, "Let's exult and rejoice in you. Let's savor your loving more than wine. No wonder they all love you!"
      5 Dark am I, and lovely, daughters of Jerusalem— like the black tents of the Kedar nomads, like the curtains of Solomon's palace.
      6 Don't stare at me because I'm darkened by the sun's gaze. My own brothers were angry with me. They made me a caretaker of the vineyards— but I couldn't care for my own vineyard.