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Part First

Chapter I

The Revelation of God to Adam in Eden

Chapter II

God's Revelation of Himself to the Patriarchs

Chapter III

The Theocracy

Chapter IV

Purpose and Significance of the Theocracy

Chapter V

History of the Theocratic People to the Establishment of the Monarchy

Chapter VI

The Establishment of the Monarchy and the Davidic Covenant

Chapter VII

Origin and Elements of the Messianic Belief

Chapter VIII

The Preparation of the Theocratic People for the Messianic Kingdom

Chapter IX

History of the Kingdom from David to Its Division

Chapter X

History of the Two Kingdoms after the Division

Chapter XI

The Messianic Hope from the Division of the Kingdom of the Time of Written Prophecy

Chapter XII

Written Prophecy: Its Place and Significance

Chapter XIII

History of the Two Kingdoms to Their Overthrow

Chapter XIV

Messianic Belief in the Prophets Down to the Exile

Chapter XV

The National Overthrow and the Remnant

Chapter XVI

Messianic Prophecies During the Exile

Chapter XVII

The Return from the Babylonian Exile, and the Prophets After the Return

Chapter XVIII

Messianic Beliefs in the Psalms - Messiah as King

Chapter XIX

The Presentation in the Law and Prophets and Psalms of a Suffering Messiah

Chapter XX

The Dead Under the Theocracy

Chapter XXI

The Scribes as Successors of the Prophets, and the Messianic Hope

Chapter XXII

The Messiah in the Apocryphal and Apocalyptic Books

Chapter XXIII

The Resurrection and the Judgement - the Messianic Kingdom and the World to Come

Chapter XXIV

Messianic Beliefs in Our Lord's Day as Set Forth in the Gospels

Chapter XXV

The Lord's Own Teachings Respecting His Messianic Work