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Part the Second

Chapter I

Christiana with her four Sons, and a Neighbour, set out on Pilgrimage

Chapter II

Christiana, Merry, and the Children, pass the Slough with safety, and are kindly received at the Wicket-gate.

Chapter III

The Pilgrims are assaulted, but relieved - Are entertained at the Interpreter's house.

Chapter IV

The Pilgrims, conducted by Great-heart, proceed on their journey.

Chapter V

The Pilgrims ascend the Hill Difficulty, pass the Lions, and arrive at the House Beautiful

Chapter VI

Mr. Brisk pays his Addresses to Mercy - Matthew taken ill, but recovers, &c.

Chapter VII

The Pilgrims pursue their Journey, and pass through the Valleys of Humiliationm, and of the Shadow of Death.

Chapter VIII

The Pilgrims overtake Mr. Honest, who relates his own experience, and that of Mr. Fearing.

Chapter IX

The character of Mr. Self-will

Chapter X

The Pilgrims arrive at the House of Gaius, where they are hospitably entertained.