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The Spirit of Christ

Andrew Murray

First Day

A New Spirit, and God's Spirit

Second Day

The Baptism of the Spirit

Third Day

Worship in the Spirit

Fourth Day

The Spirit and the Word

Fifth Day

The Spirit of the Glorified Jesus

Sixth Day

The Indwelling Spirit

Seventh Day

The Spirit Given to the Obedient

Eighth Day

Knowing the Spirit

Ninth Day

The Spirit of Truth

Tenth Day

The Expediency of the Spirit's Coming

Eleventh Day

The Spirit Glorifying Christ

Twelfth Day

The Spirit Convincing of Sin

Thirteenth Day

Waiting for the Spirit

Fourteenth Day

The Spirit of Power

Fifteenth Day

The Outpouring of the Spirit

Sixteenth Day

The Holy Spirit and Missions

Seventeenth Day

The Newness of the Spirit

Eighteenth Day

The Liberty of the Spirit

Nineteenth Day

The Leading of the Spirit

Twentieth Day

The Spirit of Prayer

Twenty-first Day

The Holy Spirit and Conscience

Twenty-second Day

The Revelation of the Spirit

Twenty-third Day

Spiritual or Carnal

Twenty-fourth Day

The Temple of the Holy Spirit

Twenty-fifth Day

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Twenty-sixth Day

The Spirit and the Flesh

Twenty-seventh Day

The Spirit through Faith

Twenty-eighth Day

Walking by the Spirit

Twenty-ninth Day

The Spirit of Love

Thirtieth Day

The Unity of the Spirit

Thirty-first Day

Filled with the Spirit

Note A

The Baptism Of The Spirit

Note B

The Spirit as a Person

Note C

The Place of the Indwelling

Note D

Growth in the Knowledge of the Spirit

Note E

The Spirit of Truth

Note F

On the Mission of the Spirit

Note G

On the Name Comforter

Note H

The Glory of Christ

Note I

On the Presence of the Spirit in the Church

Note J

The Outpouring of the Spirit

Note K

On the Spirit of Missions

Note L

On Conscience

Note M

The Light of the Spirit

Note N

On the Spirit guiding the Church

Note O

On Trusting the Spirit

Note P

The Spirit of Christ and His Love

Note Q

On the Spirit's Coming